Instant Text Support & Visual Feedback

Your Questions, Answered Instantly.

Whether you’re on a job site or reviewing plans, our mentoring program allows apprentices to text a mentor anytime a question or challenge arises. Not sure about an installation?

Simply send a photo and receive real-time critique and suggestions to ensure best practices and aesthetic outcomes.

Business Mentorship & Guidance:

Navigate Business Challenges with Confidence.

Starting a business in the trades industry? Our mentors are seasoned professionals who’ve been there and done that.

They’ll guide you through the intricacies of setting up, managing, and growing your business, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for success.

On-Site Mentor Visits (Premium Feature):

In-Person Support for Mastery in Practice.

For those seeking a hands-on approach, our premium feature offers the unique opportunity to have a mentor visit your install or maintenance site.

They’ll provide in-person feedback, support, and guidance, ensuring that you not only do the job right but excel at it.

This personalized touch ensures the highest standards of workmanship and client satisfaction.

Basic Mentorship
Instant Text Support Within Business Hours. Your Daytime Guide for Weekly Challenges.
Text a mentor with 1-2 problems per week during business hours.
Send up to 5 photos per problem for real-time critique and suggestions.
Responses guaranteed within 4 hours during business hours.
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Advanced Mentorship
24/7 Business Guidance & Visual Feedback. Round-the-Clock Expertise for Your Growing Needs.
Text a mentor with 2-4 problems per week, anytime.
Send up to 10 photos per problem for in-depth analysis and feedback.
Comprehensive business mentorship and guidance.
Access to advanced business resources, templates, and tools.
Responses guaranteed within 2 hours, day or night.
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Premium Mentorship
On-Site Visits & Unlimited Support. Unparalleled Mentorship for Total Assurance.
Unlimited text support for any number of problems.
Send unlimited photos for meticulous critique and suggestions.
On-site mentor visits for hands-on feedback and support (limited to two 2-hour visits per month within the lower mainland).
Priority support with instant responses.
Additional on-site visits or extended hours charged at an hourly consulting rate of $145/hr.
Additional costs for out-of-town visits, including travel, per diems, etc.
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